Client Impact Stories

Client Impact 1

One of Silicon Valley’s largest tech companies was pitching an ambitious “Smart Cities” project to governments around the world. They needed Request-for-Proposal responses that married an impeccable attention to detail with a broad vision of the urban future.

N2 assembled a large team of thought leaders, writers, editors, and fact checkers on an as-needed basis, helping the tech firm land a billion-dollar project with a forward-looking government.

Making Billion-Dollar Ideas a Reality

Client Impact 2

“In a few years we grew our assets-under-management from a few hundred thousand dollars invested by friends and family, to more than $70 million from some of the smartest investors in the world,” says the founder. “That wouldn’t have been possible without N2 helping us find our investors.”

A Stanford GSB student started a hedge fund with a bold new investment strategy. His returns were fantastic, but as a young innovator, he had trouble selling his unconventional approach to clients. The fund worked with N2 to create a new kind of communications strategy: a pitch deck that broke the mold; a free weekly research note backed by robust content analytics; thought leadership via new media, like podcast appearances and finance-focused social media platforms.

Building Trust with Risk-Averse Investors

Client Impact 3

The people with the best ideas are usually too busy making them happen to write about them. The leadership team of a growing recruitment firm has an endless stream of ideas about how to bring employers and talent together in the twenty-first century. But they were always too busy building their platform and helping clients to get content down on the page.
N2 started by taking their backlog of blog drafts, restructured and refined the best ideas, and helped turn them into polished essays for the company blog. With more complex ideas and research projects, N2 created white papers and other in-depth marketing collateral, providing on-demand design work for the finished pieces.

Getting Great Ideas Off the Backburner

Client Impact 4

A leading internal communications platform wanted to change the way management and employees interact in the era of the distributed workforce. They had a compelling brand argument and a CEO who was quickly becoming a thought leader in the space. But they needed a more robust blog presence to tie the many strands of their marketing strategy together.
N2 built a team of writers who could take topic ideas and basic proof points from the client and produce compelling blog posts on a weekly basis. N2’s efficient project-management system freed the client to focus on big-picture marketing work, knowing that they could expect timely delivery of an on-brand blog post each week.

Building a Better Blog

Client Impact 5

N2 mobilized a team of eight editors to execute several rounds of editing on tight deadlines. The book, written by a thought leader on the economic and financial markets, became an acclaimed New York Times bestseller.

Editing a New York Times Bestseller

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