Great journalists are being laid off. Now is the time to hire the best talent and support working reporters.

Media conglomerates are laying off thousands of great writers, researchers, and designers. This is a unique opportunity to hire these incredibly talented folks to take your company's communications, content and research to the next level. And by bringing them on as part-time contractors through N2, you help those folks continue to do the great journalism they are passionate about in their spare time.
Starting at $45 per hour, we'll work with you to build teams with skills and expertise tailored to the needs of your projects.

So why contract with N2 instead of hiring your own in-house staff?

Contractors last longer than full-time writing staff

The best writers and researchers want the flexibility to pursue their passions. That's usually not possible with a full-time, in-house corporate job, resulting in huge turnover in those positions. But give them a steady, part-time gig that also lets them work on their creative projects, and you'll have a loyal, efficient worker for years to come. When you work with N2, you work with people who have passed our rigorous vetting process: award-winning authorsBest American Essay-ists, Newswomen of the Year, and a host of other talented journalists, novelists, editors, designers, and more. And we back up their work with top-notch project managers and editors, so you can have the confidence you don't get from a two-sided marketplace.

No two jobs are alike.

The comedic writer you need for your clever, customer-facing blog has a different skill set than the editor you need to pull together a 300-page RFP response on a tight deadline. Working with N2, you can precisely match the skills of our contractors to the needs of your project.

Project management is built in.

N2's project managers take pride in building efficient teams that own their work and get the job done. We provide maximum efficiency, transparency, and accountability. Not sure how to scope and staff your next campaign? We specialize in lightweight consulting services to help you get new content initiatives off the ground.

Remote or in-house work. You choose.

If you need someone to come into your office, we'll help you find the right folks in your area. And if remote work is fine, there's an ever-growing global network of talent ready and willing to get the job done.