Come work with us!

To join our team of award-winning, best-selling freelancers, send us a few words about yourself, with your resume and links to 3-5 work samples, to For copy editing, ask about our editing test.

N2 Communications puts great freelance journalists (and editors, fact-checkers, podcast producers, designers...) to work—giving them the economic security to live their lives, with enough free time to continue the journalism that matters most to them, but usually doesn’t pay enough to live on.

Here’s how it works: When you join our roster of freelancers, we take your skills, preferred pay ranges, and areas of expertise, and line them up with companies, non-profits, and projects that meet their needs. Most gigs start at the New York City Living Wage floor for a single parent ($43/hr), with many jobs paying better than that, and some paying more than $100/hr for the right person and clients who demand the best.

We are founded and run by long-time journalists who know the frustration of freelance work. We handle the contract negotiations, billing complications, legal and back office work, so that our freelancers can focus on the work itself, and get paid promptly, within 2 weeks of filing an invoice. And because we keep our costs down and don’t have any debt or investors breathing down our neck, we make sure that most of the money we charge a client goes right back to our writers, editors, and producers.

And our network of clients is large and varied enough that journalists don’t have to worry about conflicts of interest.

Are you a great financial journalist looking for some side work? We’ll find you a cool tech company that needs you to write white papers, with no overlap in your financial reporting.

Are you a great data storyteller covering tech? We’ve got a roster of financial firms looking for awesome communicators to turn their reams of complicated economic data into compelling analysis for clients and investors.

A great designer or data viz expert? We’ll bring your elite skills to bear on pitch decks, publications, and presentations for companies that need a higher level of production than what most creative firms can offer, and we’ll let you pick and choose your clients so that it doesn’t affect your journalism career.

A diligent fact-checker and researcher? We’ll put you to work, maybe checking facts for one of the NYT bestselling books we’ve helped research and edit, or maybe doing due-diligence research for a financial firm before they make a big investment, or verifying the accuracy of a sprawling “request for proposal” response (i.e., a big contract bid) for a cool energy efficiency project that can’t afford to have any mistakes in it.