Our Approach

Over the past 10 or 20 years, the media industry has hemorrhaged desirable writing and editing positions. Yet over that same period, regular companies have developed a need for more “content” and a need for the kinds of people who can reliably and skillfully produce it. N2 has developed an extensive network of the best freelance creative talent, and we work with businesses to build teams with skills and expertise tailored to the needs of the project.

So why contract with N2 instead of hiring your own in-house staff?

No two jobs are alike.

The comedic writer you need for your clever, customer-facing blog has a different skill set than the editor you need to pull together a 300-page RFP response on a tight deadline. Working with N2, you can precisely match the skills of our contractors to the needs of your project.

Project management is built in.

N2's project managers take pride in building efficient teams that own their work and get the job done. Managing a distributed workforce through a best-in-class system of proprietary management and writing software—we provide maximum efficiency, transparency, and accountability. Not sure how to scope and staff your next campaign? We specialize in lightweight consulting services to help you get new content initiatives off the ground.

Focus = speed.

Our writers and editors can come into your office as needed, but they often work best from their favorite coffee shop. They need focus and autonomy to do their jobs, and when they have it they can produce top-tier work, fast.

The best writers are already busy.

When you work with N2, you get to work with award-winning authors, Best American Essay-ists, Newswomen of the Year, and a host of other talented journalists, novelists, and poets. These creatives have found that a full-time corporate career doesn’t work for them. Through N2, they get steady, well-paying jobs that give them the flexibility to keep pursuing their passion. And that passion comes through in the quality of the work they do for you.

Our Story

Ready to create stellar work?

We have teams that specialize in:

  1. Long-term content marketing strategy
  2. Thought leadership campaigns
  3. Branded content
  4. B2B marketing collateral
  5. White papers and ebooks
  6. Blogging
  7. Copyediting