Corporate History

In times of change or challenge, a company relies on its culture as a guide, turning back to its legacy to understand how to press forward. But do your employees and investors understand your company’s history? Do they understand where your workplace culture came from?

A corporate history is an excellent way to share your company’s past and the people and ideas that set it apart. Whether you want something book-length or more like a magazine feature, we'll work with you to craft the narrative of your company's challenges and triumphs.


Steven Ujifusa

Corporate Historian

Steven Ujifusa is an award-winning popular historian. He is the author of two acclaimed books published by Simon & Schuster (Barons of the Sea, 2018 and A Man and His Ship, 2012). He has extensive experience interviewing corporate executives and members of prominent American families. He recently completed a corporate history of Airgas, Inc., commissioned by the company’s founding CEO, and is now working a corporate history of a Boston investment firm founded in the 1830s. He has appeared on National Public Radio, CBS Sunday Morning, Knowledge@Wharton, and numerous other media outlets. He received his undergraduate degree in history from Harvard University and a joint masters in historic preservation and real estate development from the University of Pennsylvania.