Joe Flood


Joe Flood leads N2’s team of accomplished writers, researchers, and producers. He’s been a data and financial reporter at places like The New York Times, New York Magazine, The, and Chief Investment Officer magazine, and is the author of The Fires, a history of computer modeling systems being used for public policy making, and how bad data analysis helped burn down and bankrupt New York City in the 1970s.

Chris Edmonds


Chris Edmonds specializes in economics and finance. He leads our team-building and workflow-management processes, as well as serving as primary editor on special projects. Chris spent more than a decade working at newspapers before co-founding N2.

Laura Williams

Laura Williams

Laura Williams oversees all of N2’s financials, from contracts to invoices to payments. Laura has 12+ years of experience in public accounting and has worked with one of the largest CPA firms in the US.

Victoria Elghasen


Victoria Elghasen builds and oversees skilled teams of editors, writers, designers, and producers to tackle projects for some of our biggest tech and finance clients. She holds a BA in English Literature from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and was formerly a copy editor for the Black Mountain Institute’s Witness magazine.

Lindsay Elliott


Lindsay Elliott is N2’s energy industry lead and produces large-scale projects for N2, specializing in highly technical RFP responses. He previously led technical sales operations for a Fortune 500 energy company. He studied English literature and molecular biophysics at Yale.

Nicholas Hutchison


Nicholas Hutchison is N2’s Chief of Staff. As a recent Harvard graduate, Nicholas was a senior writer and editor for the Harvard Lampoon, and he graduated cum laude with high honors in economics, receiving Harvard’s Hoopes prize and a summa grade for his econometrics thesis that used a novel AI algorithm to analyze racial bias in movie reviews.

Das Rush

Das Rush

Das Rush advises companies on the latest in AI and what it means for their content. They first began working in tech and AI as the content and design lead at OSIsoft, an industrial data infrastructure company that sold for $5B to Aveva in 2020. Most recently, they were the head of content for the growth fund at the legendary Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, where they had a front row seat to the latest wave of AI breakthroughs. In that time, they created a16z’s AI Revolution series; ghostwrote a book on executive hiring; and edited numerous hit AI pieces, including What Builders Talk About When They Talk About AI, AI in B2B (podcast), AI in 2020, The New Business of AI (and How It’s Different from Traditional Software), and Emerging Architectures for Modern Data Infrastructure.

James Longley

James Longley

James Longley leads N2’s content marketing team. He has 10 years of experience building and executing content strategies for startups and global tech enterprises, including Segment, PagerDuty, and a leading cloud services provider. He brings an expertise in creative team building and data-driven writing to the projects he manages. Based in the Bay Area, he holds an MFA in creative writing from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

Felicity Barber

Felicity is N2’s speechwriting and C-suite communications strategist. She has spent a decade managing the communications of CEOs, helping them tell their stories, developing their thought leadership platforms, and writing their speeches. She’s worked with CEOs and Presidents at the Federal Reserve, BlackRock, and Lloyd’s of London, to name a few. She’s had op-eds published in the New York Times and Financial Times, and wrote a book given as a gift to the late Queen Elizabeth II. Felicity is the host of The Friendly Ghost podcast, co-producing it with N2 Communications and Jody Avirgnan.

Jody Avirgan

Jody Avirgan is N2’s founding podcast strategist and one of the most experienced podcast hosts/producers/editors in the business. He was the founding producer of Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight podcasts, ESPN’s 30 for 30 Podcasts, is the executive producer of Trevor Noah’s podcast “What Now?” and produces shows with places like NPR, WNYC, Major League Baseball, Apple TV+, the TED Audio Collective, and Adam McKay’s “Death at the Wing” podcast. N2 Communications and Jody’s Roulette Productions are producing partners on many projects, including The Friendly Ghost.